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Evolving Companies. Empowering Leaders.
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Virago: a woman of strength and exemplary qualities.

Virago Search is a woman-owned diversity search firm combining 30 years of experience with a passion and focus on evolving companies by providing the tools and insights to create a holistic plan for diversity hiring, and empowering diverse leaders at all levels. 

We are mission driven, firm believers that recruiting should be driven by empathy, integrity and knowledge. That no search should be driven by expediency or profit, but instead by choosing to do right by our candidates, our clients, and our relationships. 

Whether you're looking for a tried-and-true executive or someone with more recent on-the-ground experience, we have cultivated a vast network of experienced technical leaders and up-and-comers. 

Virago Search: Evolving Companies. Empowering Leaders. 

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Executive Search

Virago Search specializes in retained executive search for manager level and above. 

Individual Contributor Search

We power our IC Searches with
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Our Services

Driven by a dedication to D&I, we approach diversity hiring not from the endpoint of the hire, but from the very beginning.


Beginning with a consultative partnership, we identify embedded systemic hurdles and work with your team to overcome them. By taking a pragmatic approach to diversity hiring, we deliver top quality candidates that inspire innovation and modernization for our clients while making a lasting impact on our industry. 

Meet The Team

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Senior Managing Partner, Search
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Chief of Operations
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Managing Partner, Search
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Virago Search brings you expertise and an unrelenting passion for helping companies evolve and empowering their leadership teams.


The carefully curated network that we've developed over the years enables us to bring you the right talent.


Virago Search: Evolving Companies. Empowering Leaders. 


Clients & Partnerships

"Virago presents candidates who are not only great technically, but who also have the kind of character and personality traits that make them exceptional potential team members.  You can't do that unless you have great intuition for people and for the company you're helping recruit for.  That makes Virago a great recruiting partner."

- Evan Robinson, VP of Engineering, AxleHire

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Virago Search

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Evolving Companies. Empowering Leaders. 

Driven by a dedication to D&I, we leverage 30+ years of experience to deliver excellence as a means to inspire innovation and modernization for our clients while making a lasting impact on our industry. We have worked with Fortune 100 finance companies, VC-backed technology startups and FinTech disruptors. 

We are a team of true headhunters. We are passionate about diversity and evolving the status quo with a strategic focus on empowering top female technical talent. 

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